Official website of the Iowa Derecho Storm Resource Page is now Iowa Storm Help

Image of the derecho storm as it moves across Iowa on August 10, 2020 is Now Migrated to

I made this website after driving around Eastern Iowa and seeing all the different vehicles from all over the USA responding to the natural disaster that happened here on August 10,2020. That was early Monday afternoon when the unpredictable Strom came across Iowa.

I was working that day, driving my garbage route in real Iowa City.  I was listening to a AM radio station saying Des Moines (Iowa) was experiencing high winds of 70 MPH! At that time, about 10:00 am there wasn’t any severe storm warnings posted for Eastern Iowa.  By Noon CST, the skys were starting to get dark.

It was a very warm (maybe even hot) Augest morning but by 12:25 pm I could tell the temperature was dropping.  Looking Westward, the sky was extremely very dark! I knew this wasn’t good, so I pulled my garbage truck into a driveway of a customer and waited for the storm out.

By 12:45 pm the wind and rain was a full force. I watched as the force of the wind took out a tree about 20 feet tall. I moved my truck out under some power lines just in case the came down. The strong wind/rain lasted about 45 minutes and I still had about 3 hours work left to do. All I wanted to do was finish my route and get home to check on my mobile home! Every where was without power now and all the gas Stations were shut down but I was luck as my fuel take was haft full.

When I get home, there were large tree branches everywhere but none of them hit my trailer.  My power was off the rest of the day and early Tuesday morning around 2:00 am it came back on for about one minute.  It did this again about an hour later and finally stayed on around 4:00 am.  I know how lucky I am and in the days the following the #Derecho storm I learned how bad it could have been.

If you have a story to share, please let me know. I’d love to share on here so everyone can learn who most of #Iowa went through in the #IowaDerecho2020!

Please email and pictures,  videos and stories

I am Praying for your recovery ❤